store weed without contaminating your space

Smell No Evil: How to Store Marijuana Without Contaminating Your Space

The smell of marijuana is a telltale sign of its presence. Whether you’re a recreational or medicinal user, you don’t want to be giving away your stash to anyone, least of all your neighbours. So, how do you store marijuana without contaminating your space?

Keep it Securely Sealed

The first step is to make sure your marijuana is securely sealed. This is important for two reasons: to keep the smell from escaping and to prevent moisture from entering. If you’re buying marijuana from a dispensary, it will already be sealed in a bag or container. If you’re buying it from a dealer, you should make sure to seal it in an air-tight container as soon as you get it home.

Store it in a Cool, Dark Place

Marijuana should be stored in a cool, dark place. This will help preserve its potency and keep the smell from becoming overpowering. You should also make sure to keep it away from any sources of heat, such as a radiator or direct sunlight.

Keep it Away From Your Nose

When storing marijuana, you should make sure to keep it away from your nose. The smell of marijuana can be overwhelming, and if you’re storing it in a room that you use frequently, the smell could become overwhelming. A good way to do this is to store it in a closet or cabinet that you don’t often open.

Keep it Away From Kids and Pets

If you have kids or pets in your home, you should make sure to keep your marijuana out of their reach. Marijuana can be dangerous if ingested, so it’s important to keep it in a secure place where they can’t get to it.

Use Odor-Proof Bags or Containers

If you want to be extra-careful, you can use odor-proof bags or containers to store your marijuana. These are specially designed to keep the smell from escaping, so even if you accidentally leave the bag or container open, the smell won’t be detectable.

Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a great way to absorb any smells that may be coming from your marijuana. You can buy it at most health food stores and it’s easy to use. Just add a few pieces to the container you’re storing your marijuana in and it will absorb any odors.

Use an Air Purifier

If you’re worried about the smell of your marijuana getting out, you can invest in an air purifier to help keep the air in your home clean and odor-free. Air purifiers work by trapping particles in the air, including odors, and then releasing clean, odorless air.

Use Scented Candles or Incense

Finally, you can use scented candles or incense to help mask the smell of your marijuana. This is especially useful if you’re storing your marijuana in a room that you use frequently, as it will help keep the smell from becoming overpowering.

Storing marijuana without contaminating your space is possible if you take the right precautions. By keeping it securely sealed, storing it in a cool, dark place, keeping it away from your nose, keeping it away from kids and pets, using odor-proof bags or containers, using activated charcoal, using an air purifier, and using scented candles or incense, you can make sure that your marijuana is safely stored away without giving away its presence.

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